Valentine’s Day Crafts – Bandanna Heart Sachets

heart shaped bandanna sachets


This week I’m posting several Valentine’s Day themed sewing or NON sewing crafts that use bandannas (and if I do say so myself they are pretty darn cute!).  Today’s project uses up the bandanna fabric from Wednesday’s Heart Shaped Bandanna Pillows. Can’t let that good fabric go to waste now can we?

So here is how I made them.


Valentine's Day - Bandanna Heart Sachets


I made a heart template that was about 4 inches tall and cut two hearts from the bandanna fabric. With right sides together stitch the hearts about a with a quarter inch seam allowance, leaving a small opening in one of the sides.


Lavender Filled Bandanna Heart Sachets


If you want a ribbon to hang the sachet by pin a loop of ribbon inside the two layers of fabric as shown before sewing right sides together.

Cut small slits around the edges of the heart so that when you are turning the fabric it will “give” a bit and look more rounded. Just be careful not to cut through the stitching or the ribbon hanger. 😉


Valentine's Day - Bandanna Heart Sachets


To make filling the sachet easier make a paper cone or use a funnel.

Valentine's Day - Bandanna Heart Sachets


Slide the small end of the cone into the sachet and fill with your favorite botanical. For me, that had to be lavender. I’m crazy about lavender!!



Valentine's Day - Bandanna Heart Sachets


By the way, putting a piece of paper under the area where you are pouring makes clean up easier.

Fill the sachet to your liking and then whip stitch the seam closed.

Now you are ready to give your heart away.

Who will you give your heart to?



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Disclosure: Some of the products for this post were provided by Consumer Crafts.

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