Where Do Days Off Go?

Days off work are kind of like the sock in the washer/dryer. I’m not sure what happens but I get up and then *POOF* it’s gone. I took T out to several interviews today to help in his job hunt. He finally found one. Well, he has to call and tell them he is accepting it but he’s decided for sure to take it anyway. He’s going to sell cars. The kid has never met a stranger and has a way of making total strangers feel like they’ve known him forever. Most adults want to adopt him, most kids want him for a big brother and plenty of girls just want him. 😉 He’s a good egg and I think he’ll do well. I did get lots of studio area cleaned up. I went blog surfing and looked at lots of peoples’ creative spaces. It got me to thinking about things I’d like to do in my space to keep me feeling creative. First of all though it just needs cleaned from top to bottom. I did find the floor and mop it and half of the work table. I’m making progress!! :) I’m blogging for work now. It started out being a scrapbooking blog and in a few months is supposed to branch out into more of a general craft blog. I’m really excited that the people at corporate asked me to work on this with two other people. Here is one of my new favorite crafty peeps. I see she has a book out now. I’ll have to go find it. I notice she also has a line of new products at Michaels’ stores but not any in Ohio. BOOO!!! She makes me miss New Mexico in a mad, mad way. Anyway, she’s an inspiration to other crafty people like me. Gotta go put the clothes in the dryer. I hope all of the socks are there!

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