Christmas Begins

early for me because I work in retail. Craft retail at that! I’ve already decorated trees, made oodles of ornaments, florals, swags, garlands, decorations etc.  Today I made faux sugared fruit, started a snowman, designed a display window (in my head), made a pin cushion and a bunch of customer/PR kinds of things.  One of the ornaments […]

Lost Crafts

One of the things that I find fascinating as a professional crafter are the “Lost Crafts”.  Those crafts that people don’t really do too much any more.  I get people coming into my store all of the time asking for supplies for this or that craft that I’ve never heard of before.  It amazes me […]


Whew! That was one heckofa weekend.  I taught a tree decorating class on Thursday night for a local church organization.  I had made up three samples for the group and women could sign up to decorate a tree (or two) from the three samples available. There were Nature, White and Traditional trees to choose from.  I spent ALL day […]

Busy Day

Warren asked me a week or so ago if I would help him with the service today at church.  He said he just needed me to do a reading.  Well, I looked at what I was supposed to read THIS MORNING to find out that I was supposed to read SEVERAL things.  Geez!  Luckily, it […]

My Reward…

I just made my super yummy Chicken Vegetable Soup for dinner.  It was my reward for cleaning and crafting so much today.  I got 8 skulls base coated, three shelf units cleaned out, the floor swept and mopped, Shane to the store to buy food for the tailgate party, and then to band for the […]

The Fairy Garden

It’s a beautific fall day in NE Ohio!  And this is what it looks like out my front door today.  The leaves are really beginning to turn now.  It’s breathtaking!  Is it any wonder this is my favorite season?          Earlier this summer we had gone to my MIL’s house in the Poconos for vacation.  I brought […]