Christmas Begins

early for me because I work in retail. Craft retail at that! I’ve already decorated trees, made oodles of ornaments, florals, swags, garlands, decorations etc.  Today I made faux sugared fruit, started a snowman, designed a display window (in my head), made a pin cushion and a bunch of customer/PR kinds of things.  One of the ornaments […]

Lost Crafts

One of the things that I find fascinating as a professional crafter are the “Lost Crafts”.  Those crafts that people don’t really do too much any more.  I get people coming into my store all of the time asking for supplies for this or that craft that I’ve never heard of before.  It amazes me […]


Whew! That was one heckofa weekend.  I taught a tree decorating class on Thursday night for a local church organization.  I had made up three samples for the group and women could sign up to decorate a tree (or two) from the three samples available. There were Nature, White and Traditional trees to choose from.  I spent ALL day […]

Busy Day

Warren asked me a week or so ago if I would help him with the service today at church.  He said he just needed me to do a reading.  Well, I looked at what I was supposed to read THIS MORNING to find out that I was supposed to read SEVERAL things.  Geez!  Luckily, it […]

My Reward…

I just made my super yummy Chicken Vegetable Soup for dinner.  It was my reward for cleaning and crafting so much today.  I got 8 skulls base coated, three shelf units cleaned out, the floor swept and mopped, Shane to the store to buy food for the tailgate party, and then to band for the […]