A New Necklace, Feeling Blue and Looking For Spring

Etched Copper and Agate Necklace


I don’t know about you but this time of year really gets to me. The long, grey days here in the frozen tundra of NE Ohio affects me every year.

This year I seemed to do better (in that I held out longer) before I started feeling the effects of lack of sunshine, fresh air and dirt under my fingernails. But it did find me.

Pretty much the last 3 weeks has found me struggling and pushing to do what NEEDS to be done. Blerg.

I finally remembered, and dug out, one of my small, full-spectrum lights and set it up on my computer desk. Then, today I was able to enjoy the sunshine while I was on the treadmill. Ahhh.

I can sense that Spring is just around the corner and the additional light is perking me back up but I have a WHOLE LOT of catching up to do. Things I should have been doing for WORK rather than looking at seed catalogs.

Anyway,  I did take time this weekend to make the necklace above. Warren and I are working out some new etching techniques and I finally decided to create a piece or two with some of our copper elements.


Etched Copper and Agate Necklace


This new Etched Copper and Agate Necklace was fun to make. This whole etching process we’ve come up with is fun to work with. We never know quite what we will end up with.

I like that the finished pieces aren’t perfect and I like the contrast of the smooth, shiny copper and the etched copper. I also like that I used shiny, new looking copper wire as well as copper with a patina in the metal bits that make up the rest of the necklace.

Yes, I do still have a mountain of work to get through but now I have a new necklace to wear while I do it! :)


Post Note: I listed this necklace in my Etsy shop here: Etched Copper Pendant, Agates in Various Shades of Purple and Pink, Asymmetrical Long Necklace


  1. Jackie says

    I am with you on the gloom part.. by the time March rolls around I am ready to see sun, and green grass too.
    Love your necklace.

  2. jodine says

    i don’t suffer from SAD but the weather does start to depress me when it’s been gloomy and grey…you know…the in between time between spring and winter when most of the snow is melted but nothing has started growing yet? i do appreciate when things start to grow and i hear birds. i like the pop of color from the beads…the red sets off the copper nicely :)

    • says

      Thanks Jodine.

      I’ve not been diagnosed with SAD but I think a lot of us who live in colder/darker climates start to get a bit blue this time of year. Good to know we aren’t alone, right? :)


  3. says

    Vicki, First let me say I’m sorry you suffer from SAD. I know how hard that is which is exactly why I stayed in TX after my divorce instead of moving back home to MN. I just couldn’t face that again even though I had no support structure down here at the time. It’s absolutely not fun!
    Now, I love the necklace. That etching on the copper piece is FABULOUS! You go girl!

    • says

      Hi Deb, I’ve never been diagnosed with SAD so I hesitate to use that terminology. I definitely have some symptoms though.
      I’m glad you like the necklace. We’re having a blast with the etching! :)

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