Going Gray Video Journal #4

Going Gray Video Blog Post

  Here I am – 38 weeks without coloring my hair.     I wish I’d taken still photos of the progress all along. Even with the webcam photos I’d be able to see the progression. Oh well.     And here is where I was on December 21st 2011. Making progress. Next up is […]

To Gray or Not to Gray

I’m struggling with, what for me, is a big decision.  Whether to finally stop coloring my hair or not. I remember noticing the first gray hairs when I was 16.  Yup, 16 years old and I was getting gray hair.  Other kids then were getting cars, boyfriends, Aigner handbags (It was the 80’s) and I was getting […]

Aging Gracefully

I’ve added a new category to my blog…Aging Gracefully. (Sometimes it will be more like Aging Gracefully???)  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about women as they move from their late 30’s into their early 50’s and all of the attitude changes, physical changes and life changes we go through in that 10-15 years.  I’m […]