Sharpie Tie Dye Part Two

Sharpie Tie Dye Part Two

  Yesterday I shared with you my Sharpie Tie Dye for Kids. It’s certainly not a brand new craft idea but I’ve taught it at least once a summer for the past couple of years and I always manage to find a group who HASN’T done it. Lucky me! The photo above is another sample I […]

Make a “Peace Sign” Clock

Peace Sign Clock

  What can you do with a giant soda pop top looking piece of metal, a piece of vinyl and a can of spray paint? Make a clock, of course!     Spray paint the metal and let dry. You might need a couple of coats.     Apply the vinyl wall decor to the […]

Paper Mache & Neon

(Singing)I've been workin' on the railroad all the live long day… Ok, not really, but I have been working out of town a lot lately.  Commuting an hour each way leaves very little time for blogging as I'm sure you can imagine.  So please forgive me if I've been out of touch lately.  I'm working out […]