Toolbox Tuesday – Make n’ Mold Candy Melter

Toolbox Tuesday - Make n' Mold Candy Melter


Believe it or not Easter is only a few weeks away so I thought I’d share my very favorite chocolate candy making tool with you just in case you were considering making some of your own Easter candy this year.


Toolbox Tuesday - Make n' Mold Candy Melter


I love this thing! Just put your chocolate in and set it to “melt”. Be sure to stir it now and again so that it doesn’t scorch.

It’s not easy to scorch… but it can be done.

Once the chocolate is melted you can turn the dial to “warm” and not have to think too much about it. It’s much easier than a double boiler or melting chocolate in the microwave. I ALWAYS manage to scorch chocolate in the microwave. I don’t know why that is. Just lucky I guess. ;)


Way back in 2009 I made this video showing how to use the Candy Melter.

I remember a time when Warren and I hadn’t been married very long and we were low on cash to buy Easter treats for the kids. We’d both been through divorces (a big financial set back there!) and then gotten married and had four pre-teen kids to buy Easter treats for. Between the mortgage, four kids with music and sports expenses and all of the usual things that go along with kids we were feeling strapped and thinking that maybe there wouldn’t be much for Easter. I’d always been a BIG Easter gifter… that’s when the kids get outdoor toys for spring/summer play time so I was feeling bad about it.

Then Ryan decided that he’d use my candy melter and make chocolates for everyone. It wasn’t a lot but we also got the kids a baseball bat and some bases so they could play in the back yard that summer. It was a slim Easter but no one seemed to mind so much and Ryan was proud of himself for making candy for everyone!

True story. :)


Besides molded chocolates you can make things like: Chocolate Dipped Peeps and Peanut Butter Easter Eggs too!

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