Valentine’s Day Crafts – Small Heart Shaped Bandanna Toss Pillows

Valentine's Day Crafts - Small Heart Shaped Bandanna Toss Pillows




2 red bandannas

Studded iron-on “Perfect” large – optional

Rhiestone iron-on “Love” large – optional

Fabri-Tac – perfectly suitable for those who don’t sew

Other Supplies:

Pillow stuffing

Sewing machine (optional), thread, scissors, iron, ironing board


Valentine's Day Crafts - Small Heart Shaped Bandanna Toss Pillows



For the heart shaped pillows, fold a 12 inch by 12 inch piece of cardstock in half, draw half of a heart with the top valley and bottom point on the fold. Cut out the heart and unfold the cardstock to make the template for the pillows.


Valentine's Day Crafts - Small Heart Shaped Bandanna Toss Pillows


Iron a red bandanna and place the heart template on one corner of the bandanna; cut out. Turn the bandanna to the opposite corner, place the heart template and cut out another heart. I got two pieces of pillow from one bandanna and I cut my pieces a little larger than the template for the seam allowance.

Iron the word “perfect” or “love” on the front of the pillow according to the iron-on package instructions. Place the right sides of the fabric together and either hand sew, machine sew or glue the pieces of the pillow together (just like with the first pillow).


Valentine's Day Crafts - Small Heart Shaped Bandanna Toss Pillows


Cut small slits in the edge of the pillow being very careful not to cut through your stitches. This allows the fabric to “bend” a little so that the rounded portions lay better once the pillow is turned right side out.

Also, make sure to leave the opening for stuffing the pillow on one of the long sides and not at the bottom point, one of the rounded top parts or the valley at the top of the heart. Otherwise when you stitch the pillow closed it will be more difficult and may make your heart look a little mis-shaped.


Valentine's Day Crafts - Small Heart Shaped Bandanna Toss Pillows


Repeat cutting, ironing and sewing/gluing for the second pillow.




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Disclosure: Some of the products for this post were provided by Consumer Crafts.


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