DO IT! Krylon Dual Superbond Spray Paint

DO IT! Krylon Dual Superbond Spray Paint


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Are you ready for PART TWO of the Krylon Reveiw It and DO IT web series?

To re-cap a bit – I posted Part One Review It: Krylon Superbond Spray Paint yesterday which gave you an in-depth look at the product. Today I am sharing a tutorial for Clay Pot Wind Chimes so you can put what you learned from the review to work.

I hope you like our new web series. Jenny ( Craft Test Dummies) and I sure have a lot of fun making them for you. We love sharing what we discover about craft products and new projects with you. And I’m not gonna lie, we love chatting, being silly and hanging out with one another too.




Here is the video:



Review It: Krylon Dual Superbond Spray Paint


Review It: Krylon Dual Superbond Spray Paint

Sponsored Button 250What goes together like peanut butter and jelly? Craft product reviews and craft projects, that’s what. Where can you see craft product reviews AND a project? In a new special web series called Review It and DO IT.

As you may know my pal Jenny of Craft Test Dummies does fabulous craft product reviews and I like to make craft projects. So it makes sense that we would combine our powers and create a fun and informative web series. Why we didn’t start this before, I’ll never know.

The way we have designed this is in two parts. The first part is the Review It where Jenny will take you though all of the nuts and bolts of the product – In this case Krylon Dual Superbond Spray Pant – and then in part two I share the DO IT and we’ll create a project using the product we’ve shared in part 1.

Ready to check it out?


Crafts for Traveling: Embroidery



Crafts for Traveling: Embroidery Kits


Imagine this – it’s 11 PM the night before you are planning to leave on a trip. You know you will have some down time and want to take along a very portable craft project that you can work on but you’ve been so busy getting things ready for the trip that you are down to the wire and  haven’t been able to pack up any crafting supplies. What to take?

I don’t have to imagine because this is exactly the pickle I was in before Warren and I took off for our working vacation in Providence, RI last month. I’d worked so hard on deadlines and getting the  house ready for the house sitter that I didn’t have anything in my bag to craft on during my down time. So real quick, I grabbed this fun Mexican Loteria  iron on pattern set and some embroidery floss from Sublime Stitching. I also grabbed a small embroidery hoop, some fabric from my bin of white fabrics, scissors and a needle case. I was ready to roll in about 10 minutes!



Crafts for Traveling: Embroidery Kits


One of the cool things about hotels is that the majority of them have an iron and an ironing board.

If you are camping or something you’ll have to do some prep before hand.


Crafts for Traveling: Embroidery Kits


There are tons of great designs in this pattern set.


Crafts for Traveling: Embroidery Kits


Just cut out the design and iron it onto the fabric following the included instructions.


Crafts for Traveling: Embroidery Kits


I liked the way this one looked on the patterned fabric.


Embroidered Mixed Media Bookmarkers




And when you get home with your finished embroidery projects you can make something with them. Like these Embroidered Mixed Media Bookmarkers.


I found that I could get three really good impressions with the Sublime Stitching iron on patterns. Even then you can save the pattern and use a light box to transfer the image to fabric so the number of images you could get would basically be endless.


 Do you have a favorite craft you like to take along on your travels? I’d love to hear about your favorite craft for traveling in the comments.




Living Seasonally



Living Seasonally


The first  year or two after my youngest two graduated from High School were really weird. I felt that the seasons and holidays were always sneaking up on me. Folks would be talking about back to school, or Christmas or Memorial Day and I’d be over here thinking, “What? Already?”

I was so used to my life being dictated by school calendars, band, sports and the like that I’d lost all sense of rhythm with nature and the seasons.

I think it took me a good 18 months to feel like I wasn’t always being surprised by a holiday the day before it happened. And then I left my job to work from home full time and I had to start over. Because, let me tell you, without deadlines on a calendar I could go for DAYS not knowing exactly what day it was. I just kept my head down and worked, worked, worked.


Living Seasonally


This year something is changing. I feel like I am more in tune with the seasons. Maybe more in tune than I have been since I was a very young girl.  You know, before I was living according to my own school calendar.


Living Seasonally


I picked blueberries this past week and made jam. I froze some and made a lovely Blueberry Lemon Bread that is to DIE for.

I put in a new flower bed and added plants to another bed I created earlier in the spring.

I caught a little video of a Hummingbird Moth that you can see on my Instagram account TheCreativeGoddess. That little encounter was magical.

I napped during a summer storm and carried water to plants.

I feel like I’ve mowed our great big yard 137 times.

All of these things enjoying the summer season.

It kind of explains why it’s been so quiet here on the blog but if you want to stop by some time I’ll make you some fresh lemonade and maybe a bit of toast with fresh blueberry jam. We’ll chat away the afternoon.

How are you living more seasonally? See if you can do a little something each day to recognize and celebrate the season. I promise you, life will look a little differently when you do.



Remembering What it Feels Like to Be Healthy


Remembering What it Feels Like to Be Healthy


You may not know this about me but when I was younger I was a bit of a tom boy. I climbed trees, fished, loved being outside and was pretty active through my earlier years.

My sister and I had it all set up. I did the yard work and she did the indoor stuff.

Then sometime after puberty I got heavy. Then I had kids and got heavier. Then I had a complete hysterectomy and got even heavier still.


If you remember my one little word this year is HEALTHY. My goal was not to lose a bunch of weight (which is good because I’ve only lost 10 pounds) but to feel healthier. To feel better in my skin.

And I felt that this past weekend when I was out in the yard. I’ve been walking 2+ miles every weekday and doing yard work in the evenings or on weekends.

Walking, shoveling dirt, weeding, forking out mulch, chopping down saplings, digging up new beds,  and major reconstruction on the end of my driveway. Not to mention mowing – both push and riding – and weed whacking.

Lots of sweat, dirt and sore muscles. Scratches, bruises and sunburn.

This past weekend I was reminded of the time when I was an active tom boy. When I felt strong and confident. When my body felt HEALTHY and capable. And it felt damn good, I’ll tell you.

Damn good.

While I haven’t lost much weight, I CAN take off most of my pants without unbuttoning them. I feel stronger. I feel BETTER.

And I love that feeling!

I might not lose a bunch of weight but I’m feeling better all the time. I’m going to keep it up!

Do you remember a time when you felt good in your own skin? Do you feel good now?