Fabulous Friday – Plus Size Fashion


      I've recently started following several plus size fashion blogs and instagram accounts. I'm not sure if it is the winter doldrums, a breast cancer wake-up call or simply a desire to feel pretty. But I'm super into fashion at the moment. Do you think it might be because I've had to undress for MANY medical professionals lately? Maybe. Maybe it's simply an extension of my jewelry making? Maybe all of the … [Continue reading...]

Vintage Inspired Paper Clay Snowman

Vintage Inspired Paper Clay Snowman

      This is actually a project I made several years ago (2009 to be exact) but never posted the instructions here. I've been cleaning up my winter decorations and decided that it was time to share this little guy with all of you. I display him every winter and he has held up quite well. I love the vintage feel and that he looks like he's made of vanilla ice cream. The really good … [Continue reading...]

Plus America Decorative Roller and a Mixed Media Card

Plus America Decoration Roller

          This is a fun all-occasion card I created for FaveCrafts back in 2013 featuring Plus America Decoration Roller Stamps that I thought I would share here. Don't worry if you don't have the EXACT same materials I used. Experiment, have fun and use up some of the surplus craft supplies that I know you've got lying around.     Supplies: Brayer Tim Holtz Distress Ink - … [Continue reading...]

Taking Time for Yourself

Taking Time for Yourself

    It's nearly two pm on a Saturday afternoon, it is snowing and cold outside my snug little house in North East Ohio. (Do you see the goat peeping out the barn door?) And I'm still in my pajamas and slippers. I'm snuggly warm and sipping tea like I don't have a care in the world. Yeah, there is PLENTY I could be doing but none of it seems as important as some down time right now. Rest. Relaxation. … [Continue reading...]

Piano Stool Makeover

Thrift store makeover

  I've noticed one thing about having my kids grow up and that is that when they come home there are lots of extra butts in the house. Suddenly my family of six is a family of 10 or more and my little living room is barely big enough to hold everyone. Not that I mind at all, but there isn't enough seating for all of those butts. We've put this Meditation Pouf to use that I made last summer but it still isn't enough. This ratty and … [Continue reading...]

Creative Options – Grab ‘N Go

Creative Options - Grab 'N Go

      Last summer when I went to the International Polymer Clay Retreat not only did I not have an idea of which of my gazillion polymer clay tools I should take but I also didn't have anything to put all of the stuff in. You know, unless I wanted to just toss a bunch of stuff into a couple of tote bags and go. Which could be really dangerous as some of the polymer clay tools are sharp or pokey. Ouch! Not to mention … [Continue reading...]

Things That Come in Threes

2015 Happiness Guide Posts from @thecreativegoddess

  My family is a rather superstitious lot. Not terribly so but enough so that I never sell a knife but give it away, I avoid ladders, I never say "thank you" when someone gives me a plant and I try to enter a house by the same door I left. I'm not sure where all of these things (and more) come from but they have been part of my growing up. Another superstition is that things come in 3's. 3 Billy Goats Gruff 3 French Hens 3 Bones … [Continue reading...]

Snacks for the BIG Game

Snacks for the BIG Game

  Ours isn't a family of sports addicts. You won't see us gathered around a big screen television watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. For a number of reasons. We don't have cable We don't have a big screen television We wouldn't want to - well ok,  one or two of us would but number 1 & 2 take care of that. For me, the only enjoyable things about the Super Bowl are the commercials and the food. So last year we started … [Continue reading...]

OttLite Review and Giveaway

OttLite Review and Giveaway

      I've been a fan of OttLite for a long time now. I've owned a few different types and you can see that I have two of the big floor models in my studio. The photo is from this post and, trust me, it doesn't look quite as clean and organized today. I've probably had those lamps for 4 or 5 years and they still use the original light bulbs. I use them every time I'm at those tables and I love the quality of … [Continue reading...]

Dancing with Disappointment

Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment Survival Tips

  I'm finally through radiation treatment, my skin is healed and I'm beginning to get my energy back a little at a time. I had a check-up with my oncologist last Friday that didn't go like I thought it would.  In my head I thought I had the next steps figured out and I thought I knew what would come next. I should know by now that I know nothing. You see, I had it in my mind that after all of that grief I went through with two … [Continue reading...]

CHA Mega Show 2015 – My Life as a Booth Bunny

CHA Show 2015 - My Life as a Booth Bunny

  Even though I have been super creative since I was a toddler and I've made and sold things since I was a young mom with young children it never occurred to me to become an "industry professional". Not until my pal Jenny pointed out that I was ALREADY an industry professional due to the work I was doing at the time and I may as well become a bona fide member of CHA. She was right - as she so often is - so I became a Craft and Hobby … [Continue reading...]