Anniversary Road Trip – Pittsburgh

Anniversary Road Trip - Pittsburgh

We are stoopid busy this summer. Thank goodness! Both of our businesses have been hopping and we are so thankful. The downside of that is that we haven't had time for a proper vacation this summer. So for our anniversary (#15) last month we decided to sneak away to Pittsburgh for an overnight get away. One of the things we wanted to see was the Duquesne Incline. We are both big history buffs and Warren loves anything … [Continue reading...]

Bead Fest Philadelphia – Photos

Bead Fest Philadelphia

    I'm not gonna lie, I was anxious about driving to Philadelphia and attending Bead Fest all by my lonesome but once I got past the first night and hit Bead Fest for class on Wednesday morning all my anxiety went away in a puff of smoke. It is amazing what happens when you fall in with your tribe. You just feel like you BELONG. It feel as if just about everything you do, the essence of WHO you are is A-OK. I have several … [Continue reading...]

Bead Fest Philly Haul – with Video

Bead Fest Philly Haul - with Video

I'm home from Bead Fest and somewhat rested. It was my first time going and I had a great time. I learned TONS and got to meet up and chat with some of my creative tribe. It was just what I needed to get me back in my studio creating jewelry! Above is a haul video I created showing you the things I got in classes and the other ones I purchased. Just in case you have one of those inquiring minds. (Does anyone know what I'm referring to … [Continue reading...]

DIY Breakfast Bar

Breakfast Bar

Earlier this year I saw a photo of a buffet a young couple turned into a DIY breakfast bar and I absolutely LOVED it and wanted one of my very own. The only problem is that I searched months and months for a buffet that looked similar and found NOTHING. It wasn't until one day when I actually decided to measure the ONE WALL that would hold such a gem that I realized that a standard buffet wouldn't fit in my kitchen. Too long! So I had to … [Continue reading...]

Needle Felting Tutorial – Make a Butterfly Pillow

Needlefelted pillow lisa fulmer

I had a little chat with some of the blog readers over on Facebook a week or so ago and I asked them if they would like to see some projects by "Guest Creative Goddesses" and while many of them said they love my projects (thank you very much) they thought it would be kind of fun to see what other creative goddesses are up to. My very first guest creative goddess is the dynamic and super talented Lisa Fulmer. Needle felting is a super fun … [Continue reading...]

You Can’t Get Mad at a Cat


    "You can't get mad at a cat for being a cat." I remember hearing this line as I listened to a book on tape. I was on the Pennsylvania turnpike and it was dark and raining. The book I had been listening to was "We Were the Mulvaneys" and I was near the end. It's a weird quote taken out of context but at that moment I knew it was one of those lines I would come back to. You see, the character who says the line has … [Continue reading...]

Top 10 Fall Crafts

Top 10 Fall Crafts

When you have a blog full on 8 years of crafts it's easy for some of them to get buried in a box in the corner so I thought I'd do a little digging for you and share the Top 10 Fall Crafts from my blog. Here they are in no particular order: How to Make an Indian Corn Inspired Krafty Blok (Glass Block) Light Make Stacked Pumpkin Candlesticks Braided Raffia Wreath Double Braided Raffia Wreath – Video Tutorial Fabulously Fall Blog … [Continue reading...]

Plant Stand Makeover from the 127 Yard Sale

Plant Stand Makeover from the 127 Yard Sale

I picked this plant stand up at the very first yard sale I stopped at on the 127 Yard Sale route last Saturday. Its was rusty and grimy but I loved the lines of it. I loved that the little bands around the legs made it look a little like bamboo and I liked that the tiers or shelves were made of glass. So for $5 I brought it home. And I turned it into this! Here is how I did it. Supplies: Krylon SuperMaxx in Copper … [Continue reading...]

Breast Cancer 1 Year Anniversary (Boobiversary)

1 Year Breast Cancer Anniversary

  Today is my one year anniversary, or as I'm calling it - My Boobiversary.  It was a year ago today that my surgeon, who was sure he was removing a benign lump called to say, "I'm sorry, but it IS cancer." One year since I heard those scary words. Breast Cancer. One year. I had another surgery to remove more tissue to make sure there was a clear margin I got a terrible infection 33 Radiation treatments Another … [Continue reading...]

From the 127 Yard Sale to the Pinterest Yard Sale with Krylon

127 Yard Sale

                                                        Krylon Love  I had so much fun with Krylon at the 127 Yard Sale on Saturday. I drove down to Cincinnati on Friday afternoon/evening and spent my evening shopping at IKEA. They always have great prices on curtains and I'm wanting to change up a couple of rooms so IKEA was a must see. Blogger Love On Saturday afternoon I met with the Krylon team and this fabulous group of … [Continue reading...]

Extraordinary Zucchini Recipes

Extraordinary Zucchini Recipes

Yeah, yeah. We all know you can make zucchini bread and zucchini muffins but if you are tired of the same old zucchini recipes and looking for something a little different I'm your gal. The straw bale garden is producing zucchini just about faster than we can eat it and my kids are all starting to say "No Thanks" when I offer them some to take home. Sure, I will freeze some but then there is still plenty to go around. So I did some digging … [Continue reading...]