1980’s Shelf Makeover with Krylon Chalky Finish


    1980's Shelf Makeover with Krylon Chalky Finish I have a friend who recently closed her art gallery. I was bummed for her but at the same time kind of glad I could snag this shelf. (Don't hate me for that, OK?) In my mind I saw it on my made over front porch holding lots of plants. You see, I LOVE house plants but my little house doesn't get a lot of light so plants don't do well. I thought that I could get my plant fix … [Continue reading...]

Puppy Therapy

Puppy Therapy

I've been having some issues the past few months. I've had another cancer scare (and I'm still not real sure where I stand - we are "watching" things) and I've been dealing with some depression  (go figure!). My youngest son graduated from Kent State University on May 9th and he headed off to his "real world" job at Walt Disney World on May 19th. 1,007 miles away. It's not like he was home much, he worked a lot and went to school full-time so … [Continue reading...]

Methuselah’s Porch Makeover


    So yeah, Methuselah (Methuselah is the man in the Hebrew Bible reported to have lived the longest) may have just lived and died and lived again in the time it has taken me/us to makeover the font porch. But it's ALMOST finished. I wrote two summers ago about how we basically rebuilt the exterior front wall of the porch here. And I've written a few times about projects I made for the porch and redecorated a couple of … [Continue reading...]

Heart of Haiti at Macy’s

Heart of Haiti

      I've been making things my whole life. When I was a wee lass I drew and colored birthday cards for friends of family. It was simply a sheet of notebook paper folded into quarters and drawn on, and colored in, with crayons. Then my mom would write a sentiment inside (I think I was five or six years old) and I would proudly give the birthday person my handmade card. I remember being pretty proud of those cards and thinking that … [Continue reading...]

Apple Pecan Tempeh Salad


                                I have a bit of a confession to make. I'm a chicken salad junkie. I love a good chicken salad in the summer. Just put it on a bed of fresh greens and I'm a happy gal. Add a side of good, cold watermelon or cantaloupe and it's a complete meal for me. Yum! The only problem is that typical chicken salads tend to have lots of things in them that aren't so good for you. Tons of fat and sugar not to mention … [Continue reading...]

Maritime Signal Flag Inspired Toss Pillows


  I am excited to partner with Krylon for a series of projects that I will be posting about over the coming months. This is my first project and I was asked to create something with a nautical theme from the Narrate color story. I'm not gonna lie. It took me a few days to figure out what to make. You know me, nautical isn't really my jam even though this color story is right up my alley. But toss pillows I figure I can't have enough … [Continue reading...]

Sweet Potato Hash Browns and Eggs

Sweet Potato Hash Browns and Eggs

        I've been playing around the past couple of months with super fast and easy meals. Things I can create when it's 2 o'clock and I STILL haven't had lunch. I'm trying hard to kick the habit of running out for fast food but by about 2pm I'm so hungry I could eat the wallpaper off the walls. That is, if we still had wallpaper. So I did a bit of experimenting and posted this dish on Instagram several … [Continue reading...]

Sometimes It Storms


  Sometimes we go through hard stuff. Sometimes it is only somewhat hard and doesn't last long other times it is terribly hard and lasts a good long time. Like the difference between a sprinkle and a major thunderstorm with lightening, thunder, wind and hail. One of those storms at sea where the pirates tie themselves to the ships mast or risk being tossed over board. BIG storms. Of course no one wants to go through the big storms … [Continue reading...]

Straw Bale Garden Update

Straw Bale Garden Update

I'm pretty sure this is the best type of gardening I've ever come across. Seriously.  There is no way that I could have a garden this size this year without having a straw bale garden. It's been perfect for me this summer. Well, the days one could consider summer-like. In May we had snow and a couple of hard frosts so I waited a while to plant - usually I plant Mother's Day weekend. But with the higher temperatures of the "soil" in the … [Continue reading...]

Walnuts, Summer Drinks and Stubborn Gladness


    It's been a rough couple of weeks. I've been going through a "is it back?" kind of breast cancer scare and still don't have any answers. At one point they thought I might have cancer on my spleen but it has been determined that it is a cyst. Whew! It's amazing that I can feel confident that I am all right but at the same time totally stressed out. It makes it hard to sleep and it kills my creativity. But I'm still here. … [Continue reading...]

Make Gold Paint Pop


  I don’t know if you know this about me or not but I’m kind of crazy about Buddha statues. I’m not sure if it is the bald head, the big belly (which in some cultures means he is very spiritual - so yeah, I'll go with that one for myself too if you don't mind!), the flowing clothing that looks so comfy or the thoughts of peace & happiness that envelope me when he’s around.   I found these Buddhas statues a while back … [Continue reading...]