8 Fantastic DIY Projects


  Why do I call them FANtastic DIY projects? Because I'm a big fan of many of the bloggers and creators featured this week. There is something for everyone in this weeks' round up of #ThursDIY projects. Hit the craft store on the way home from work tomorrow and you'll have plenty of fun all weekend creating up a storm!   Create a beautiful rhinestone bracelet full of sparkle with just a few supplies with Trinkets in … [Continue reading...]

My Earth Day Confession & Promise


  You probably know this all ready but today is Earth Day.  (Can you believe that Earth Day is 45 years old? Almost as old as me!) But what you probably don't know is that I have a secret. It is something that has been bothering me more and more over the past few years and today I'm finally going to confess and make a promise to change my behavior.       You see, I'm a drinker of bottled water. It started … [Continue reading...]

When a Stay at Home Mom Loses Her Job


    I'm about to lose my main job. It's one I've had for the better part of 27 years. It's had some rough patches - moments when I thought I might be better off in another line of work - but it has also been the most amazing job ever. As you know, my youngest is about to leave home and I'm about to lose my job as a stay at home mom. I will be the first to admit that I wasn't the best SAHM there ever was. I may have said, … [Continue reading...]

8 Colorful DIY Projects for the Weekend

#ThursDIY- Rainbow

      Happy (almost) the weekend! What do you have planned? If you are looking for some DIY inspiration here is a wonderful round up of colorful DIY projects to create this weekend.   1 Turn a Found Headboard into a Bench - a fabulous colorful bench - with Mark Montano. 2 BelieveAltered T-shirt DIY  with Trinkets in Bloom. 3 Can't Be Beet Beet Cake from RadMegan. 4 DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift  from … [Continue reading...]

DIY Jewelry Making – Porcupine Quill Necklace


    I've been interested in creating jewelry with natural materials lately. Stones, bones, leather and even porcupine quills. Porcupine quills may seem like an unusual material to use to make jewelry but they work quite well. I really like the variation in colors and the natural but modern look they have. Not to mention they are very lightweight.       To make a porcupine quill necklace of … [Continue reading...]

Thank You Card with Accordion Circle Die


  I got this message on my Facebook page the beginning of March: Hi Vicki I'm on Karen Burniston's DT and the April challenge is to pick someone you admire to join us making Accordion album card with Karen's dies. Would you be interested in joining me? You would receive the accordion die of your choice, make a card and post it April. Hugs, Fran Um. Who? Me? Someone admires me? HOW could you EVER say no to an inquiry like … [Continue reading...]

14 Spring DIYs to Try


Spring has sprung! It's too wet and cold in many parts of the country to be outside gardening just yet so that means some time for some spring themed crafting and decorating. Check out these 14 Spring DIYs from this blog and several others to get inspired. Tulle and Butterfly Spring Wreath Card Making – Spring Madras Frog How to Make a Felt “Kite Tail” Garland for Spring Decorating Floral Design: Spring Nest Arrangement Chick Feeder Candy … [Continue reading...]

Spring Grapevine and Pom Pom Wreath


  Spring has finally arrived here in NE Ohio in all her soggy glory. I don't mind the rain because it is what makes our area so amazingly green but it is keeping me out of the garden. And that's a bummer. If you can't be in the garden you may as well be in the craft store. That's a thing, right? I found this little gnome and mushrooms while browsing around in a Michael's craft store one afternoon and knew I had to make something … [Continue reading...]

Bead Show Haul

Bead Show Haul

  Cabin fever - it's a thing, people. And I had a bad case of it. I've been sickly for several weeks and stuck at home trying to get better while building up my strength but a girl can only take so much resting. I know, it's something we all dream of. A few days or a week off of the daily grind to just do NOTHING. But nothing gets boring real quick. Especially if you are like me. I'm a go and do kind of gal. The more going and the more … [Continue reading...]

Get More Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Get More Comfortable in Front of the Camera

  If you come across a photo of me between 1980 and, maybe, 2012 you will probably find me sticking my tongue out. I've hated having my picture taken for as long as I can remember. HATED. IT. My way to communicate my displeasure was to stick my tongue out. Not very grown up, I'll admit. But effective. But why? It probably has a lot to do with not only FEELING fat and ugly but also being told many times as I was growing up that I was … [Continue reading...]

It’s Not Over Until

breast cancer

    It's not over until... Active, every day, in your face, painful, cancer treatment is over but the fight for my health is not. I've been seriously sick pretty much since the end of January. One thing and then another. And you know, I thought I could just push through. Keep pushing until I was back to "normal", until I could keep up with my usual routine without being totally exhausted by mid-afternoon, keep pushing … [Continue reading...]