Grandfather Clock Shelf

Thrift store find - grandfather clock to DIY

  I had to share this photo of the grandfather clock with no guts that I recently thrifted. I paid $40 for it and plan to turn it into a display shelf for some collected (or created) artwork. At first I thought I would "art it up" and get all crazy with color but the more I think about it the more I think I might just paint it and give it a light bit of aging. My reasoning is that if I art it up too much it will detract from the art I … [Continue reading...]

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift – Stamp & Paint Towels or Napkins

Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop- Thanksgiving Day Hostess Gift

  Is anyone else here in denial about the date on the calendar? Surely it's not November already? Right? It can't be 17 short days until Thanksgiving? Well, if you are feeling like you'll never be ready in time for the holidays, like I am, then this quick Thanksgiving Hostess Gift will help make you look like a rock star dinner guest and be quick and easy to make all at the same … [Continue reading...]

Christmas Card Display Wreath

Christmas card display wreath using Krylon, and clothespins

    I have tried several things to corral the greeting cards we get around the holidays but nothing has ever worked quite the way I wanted it to. So I came up with this Christmas Card Display Wreath and so far it's working just fine. I love it because: It takes up a small amount of space I can see the cards easily They don't fall off to the floor every time someone walks … [Continue reading...]

Turkey Treat Holder

Thanksgiving Kids' Craft: Turkey Treat Holder

  It won't be long now. Turkey day is only two weeks away! This Turkey Treat Holder would be perfect to have on the kids' table holding crayons or other little items to keep the kids busy while dinner is being prepared. If you have some of the pieces pre-cut for the little ones you could have them make the turkeys while dinner is cooking! Either way, they are easy, handy and lots of fun!       All you … [Continue reading...]

Dickens Inspired Candle Tablescape

Dickens Inspired Village Tablescape

      There is a certain Dickens vibe to this trio of stamps that makes me think of a cozy Victorian neighborhood covered in snow. The only trouble is that I'm not a HUGE paper crafter. So what's a gal to do? Go with what you know - home decor - and then do some experimenting to see what you can come up with, that's what.     The experimenting part involved trying to figure out how to stamp … [Continue reading...]

10 Free Thanksgiving Printables

10 Free Thanksgiving Printables

I have to admit that I have never used a printable because I like making my own artwork. And frankly, I haven't been overly impressed with the quality of some of the printables I have seen in the past. But this year, I'm doing lots of things I don't normally do. Looking for short cuts, finding ways to enjoy my family and the holidays that won't totally wear me out while I'm going through treatment. I was happy to find such high quality … [Continue reading...]

November Chores

November Chores In and Out

Summer Gardening – The Second Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Plant the Right Size Garden for YOU, Make a Simple Blueberry Enclosure, Photo Sunday: Growing Blueberries, Clay Pot Fairy Garden House   I simply cannot believe that it is November already. Where has this year gone? Even with all of the medical stuff we have dealt with here (did I tell you that my husband has/had cancer too? He had surgery and he is doing great and is … [Continue reading...]

Breast Cancer: Sharing Your Boobs with the World

Random Thoughts from Camp Breast Cancer

  Breast cancer is a funny thing. Not "Haha" funny but weird funny. You'll be tooling along doing OK and then you will have an appointment with someone new that just doesn't sit well with you. Maybe it's you, maybe it's them, or maybe you are just tired of the whole damn thing. You may decide that you have had enough of your boobs being examined by strangers. At first, you can laugh it off and create silly little memes … [Continue reading...]

Recipes from the Cranberry Queen

A Recipe or Two from the Cranberry Queen

      I'm super excited to share a guest post from a new blogging pal Deborah from Deborah Dishes. She was so kind to offer a guest post to help me out while I've been down and I'm happy to introduce you all to her. I hope you'll stop by her blog and say "hello" and give the recipes below a try.   A Recipe or Two from the Cranberry Queen I love cranberries. And I’m lucky enough to live in the land of … [Continue reading...]

Testing, Testing – Oncotype DX

Testing, Testing - Oncotype DX

    I've never had my body sampled, biopsied, tested and prodded as much as I have in the few months since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It's a lot to deal with and quite a lot of information to absorb. Take the Oncotype DX test. Just the name is kind of overwhelming. And doing research is only a little helpful. Especially if you are a visual, artsy person like me. The medical explanations make my eyes cross … [Continue reading...]

Craft Your Stash Thank You Cards

Craft Your Stash Thank You Cards

  I love supporting my creative pals when they come out with a new product or book. My friend Lisa Fulmer has just published "Craft Your Stash - Transforming Craft Closet Treasures into Gifts, Home Decor and More". You can read more about the book by going to the website Craft Your Stash.       As you regular readers know I've been fighting breast cancer this summer. I have  been so blessed to have friends … [Continue reading...]