Eating Better in Ohio with Door to Door Organics (GIVEAWAY)


  If there is one thing I learned from having cancer it is that I've GOT to start taking better care of my body. So I was super excited when the folks at Door to Door Organics reached out to me asking if I would try their products and service and share my thoughts with my readers. Perfect timing! So I set up my account and a few days later I got an email saying that I could start shopping/ordering. To begin, you choose whether … [Continue reading...]

Straw Bale Gardens


  I had never heard of Straw Bale Gardening before January of this year. While I was sitting around recovering from treatment I came across a link and followed it right down the straw bale garden rabbit hole. You know how that goes, right? I liked what I found but I wanted more technical information. Most of links ended up at Straw Bale Gardens so I  bought the book (affiliate link) Straw Bale Gardens from amazon and read it cover … [Continue reading...]

Weekend DIY’s for Mother’s Day


      Mother's Day can be a bit of a let down if you are the kid who is paying your way through college and trying your best to make ends meet. Your siblings all show up with something fabulous they bought for mom and you have buttkiss. What's a kid to do? Try sorting through things mom already has to create a DIY Mother's Day gift. Something the other kids could NEVER buy in a store.   Are you serving … [Continue reading...]

DIY Plant Display for Potted Plants


  The entry to my home is kind of plain. The front porch has been enclosed to make a wonderful mud room entry but the front of the house is just kind of flat and plain. I like to dress the entry area up with potted plants and this is what it looked like late last fall. All of the plants on the ground around a little statue I found at Pier 1 on clearance. It's OK but it looks like of messy. I can't blow the leaves out from around the … [Continue reading...]

Vintage Needlework, A Small Bag and Flea Markets

Thrifting Thursday – Embellish a Small Bag with Vintage Needlework

  I love the summer months! Not only for the usual reasons like vacation, cook outs, picnics, gardening and the like but because it is also prime Flea Market season. Around here we don't "do" flea markets much in the colder months. After all it isn't easy to dig through good junk with mittens on!         Anyway, I found some fantastic vintage needlework pieces at the thrift store a while ago Today's … [Continue reading...]

Add a Little Bling to a Nightstand Makeover


  I've been coveting new bedroom furniture lately. Nothing high-end and expensive but just something different to look at. A gal just gets tired of looking at the same old thing day after day. Ya know? But hey, I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth so things like new bedroom sets aren't in the budget at the moment. Besides, to be honest, I probably wouldn't spend good money on a NEW set anyway. I'd prefer previously loved … [Continue reading...]

8 Fantastic DIY Projects


  Why do I call them FANtastic DIY projects? Because I'm a big fan of many of the bloggers and creators featured this week. There is something for everyone in this weeks' round up of #ThursDIY projects. Hit the craft store on the way home from work tomorrow and you'll have plenty of fun all weekend creating up a storm!   Create a beautiful rhinestone bracelet full of sparkle with just a few supplies with Trinkets in … [Continue reading...]

My Earth Day Confession & Promise


  You probably know this all ready but today is Earth Day.  (Can you believe that Earth Day is 45 years old? Almost as old as me!) But what you probably don't know is that I have a secret. It is something that has been bothering me more and more over the past few years and today I'm finally going to confess and make a promise to change my behavior.       You see, I'm a drinker of bottled water. It started … [Continue reading...]

When a Stay at Home Mom Loses Her Job


    I'm about to lose my main job. It's one I've had for the better part of 27 years. It's had some rough patches - moments when I thought I might be better off in another line of work - but it has also been the most amazing job ever. As you know, my youngest is about to leave home and I'm about to lose my job as a stay at home mom. I will be the first to admit that I wasn't the best SAHM there ever was. I may have said, … [Continue reading...]

8 Colorful DIY Projects for the Weekend

#ThursDIY- Rainbow

      Happy (almost) the weekend! What do you have planned? If you are looking for some DIY inspiration here is a wonderful round up of colorful DIY projects to create this weekend.   1 Turn a Found Headboard into a Bench - a fabulous colorful bench - with Mark Montano. 2 BelieveAltered T-shirt DIY  with Trinkets in Bloom. 3 Can't Be Beet Beet Cake from RadMegan. 4 DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift  from … [Continue reading...]

DIY Jewelry Making – Porcupine Quill Necklace


    I've been interested in creating jewelry with natural materials lately. Stones, bones, leather and even porcupine quills. Porcupine quills may seem like an unusual material to use to make jewelry but they work quite well. I really like the variation in colors and the natural but modern look they have. Not to mention they are very lightweight.       To make a porcupine quill necklace of … [Continue reading...]