Home Organization: Flowers in Your Fridge

Home Organization: Flowers in Your Fridge

Guest Post: Flowers in Your Fridge by Laura Bray

Winter seems to be dragging on across the country.  Many of us are looking forward to longer, warmer days ahead, but are often disappointed when we look out the window each morning.  For me, one of the quickest ways to get bring Spring into my home early is to start Spring cleaning.  Not that I love the cleaning part, but I sure do love to organize!

At our house, we’ve been slowly making the move from storing our left over food in plastic containers to storing it in canning jars.  I love knowing that it’s a safe choice, not to mention the fact that the tall jars seem to take up less space in our overstuffed refrigerator.  (Note to self: clean out the fridge more often!)  One of my Spring organizing tasks was to find a way to keep track of what I was putting in those containers and how long they had been in storage.  Now I know I could use blackboard style labels, but I found that, as they got handled, my careful labeling would start smear.  So I created some paper Lid Labels.  Decorated with my floral doodles (so the inside of my fridge looks cute of course!) these little paper circles tuck right onto the top of a wide mouth canning jar lid.  Simply write the jar contents and the date on the label, lay it onto the top of the lid, and then screw the ring on.


Home Organization: Flowers in Your Fridge

I know it’s strange, but I get a warm feeling when I open my fridge and see all these little doodled labels on my canning jars.  It’s like seeing a whimsical flower garden.  Spring can’t come quick enough!

Green Tip:  Print the labels onto the back your children’s school papers.  Most are blank on one side.

You can download the labels here: Lid Labels

Or you can visit my blog at Laura Bray Designs/Freebies


Laura Bray is a professional craft designer and lifestyle blogger. She lives in Southern California with her physicist husband and seven year old daughter. She tries to live her life with intention and fill it with creativity and good food.  She would love it if you would pop over to her blog for a visit at www.laurabraydesigns.com.


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    Are you going to put them in your fridge too? I would love to see a photo. In fact, I think it might fun to see everyone’s photos of their “flowers in the fridge”! Maybe I should make a Pinterest board for it! LOL!


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