Thrifting Thursday – Tabletop Greenhouse

Thrifting Thursday - Tabletop Greenhouse


Can you EVEN BELIEVE it’s been TWO YEARS since I found this little tabletop greenhouse at the thrift store? I wrote about it here on April 29th 2010. Holy Hopscotch!

Well, I picked up some plexiglass at Home Depot not long after I bought it and replaced the yellow, ugly stuff that was in there.

But then it sat on a shelf. For a long, long time.



Thrifting Thursday- Tabletop Greenhouse


Then for some reason today I was thinking about it.

About aquariums and terrariums.

And what if I combined the desert and the ocean.


Thrifting Thursday - Tabletop Greenhouse


So I picked up some succulents, aquarium gravel and a fake bit of coral. Now if I could just find a few little fake sea creatures to fill in.


I TOTALLY love the pop of color this is going to bring to my front porch – a project I’m in the thick of.




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