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The Creative Goddess - Studio Tour



Studio, craft room or creative oasis… whatever you call it this room is ALL MINE.

There is an upside to having your kids all grow up and leave home, people.

Welcome to Day 4 of The Craft Room Tour, hosted by Angie of The Country Chic Cottage. Make sure you don’t miss any of the fabulous rooms and tons of inspiration from Day 1Day 2Day 3 and Day 4

I love this space! It’s something I’ve dreamed of for a long time now. A place that is all mine where I can daydream and create to my heart’s content.

I love the mish-mosh of vintage finds, the fabrics (sari fabric curtains to hide supplies if I want to) and the fact that I have THREE tables to use.


The Creative Goddess - Studio Tour



Like lots of the studios in Angie’s Craft Room Tour my space is in the basement. Basement spaces are nice because they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer but the downside is that good lighting is a challenge.

So I have lots of task lighting and I’m working on a couple of different projects to have more lights for reading on the daybed and such.

Can I tell you how cool it is to be able to curl up on the daybed on a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea and a stack of magazines? HEAVEN!

I love this old beat-to-heck table. I think it used to be in a library, maybe in a school, because it’s got a few initials carved into it. Oh, if this table could talk!

The portable typewrite still works and the lead glass candy dish is full of one of my favorite candies – Atomic Fireballs.

There are a few “holes” in my wall over the daybed because I scavenged a few pieces for an art show that I’m in this week.

See the Trophy Hooks, Screen Printed Pillows and Mixed Media Picnic tutorials by clicking on the links.

The big fabric piece on the wall is from a Room by Room shoot. I swiped it!


The Creative Goddess - Studio Tour



I had a budget of about ZERO dollars for this new space so I pulled pieces from other places in the house. The bookshelf was a thrift store find while the cupboard was one my husband has had since college. I got the dress form from a store going out of business sale and the vintage jewelry boxes are from my mother-in-law’s home.

Covering the white light switch cover is now on the top of my list of things to take care of in here. That white makes me crazy. 


Bookshelf Makeover & Cupboard Makeover.



The Creative Goddess - Studio Tour


This is my jewelry making space. I want to cover the face of those shelves with metal so I can add small magnetic containers to hold more beads.



The Creative Goddess - Studio Tour


This is my mixed media area. It looks a little naked right now because I don’t have everything quite moved in yet. Don’t worry, it will fill in fast!

I’m going to have to cover the table top with something. Maybe a disposable tablecloth like I saw in someone else’s craft room tour? That way I can just cut it off and start with fresh if I want. The surface of this table has seen better days.

Better paint storage is also on my list of things to think about here.



The Creative Goddess - Studio Tour



And finally, a little alter space. A candle for meditation, a Buddha and lots of little gemstones and trinkets from dear friends.  I love the painted flower pods that a new friend gifted me with recently. They are so fun and funky.

The dresser holds photography props and clean blankets and sheets for the daybed in case I have a guest.

Warren keeps saying I need a ceiling and that we’ll put one in but I kind of like not having one. If I had a choice I’d take down all of those little boards that USED to hold a ceiling and I’d paint the whole thing white. I just think that closing in those beams will make the room feel smaller.

Mixed Media Hand



New Studio Inspiration


Oh! And here was my starting point. Some vintage saris, a Russian Tole Painted tray my husband picked up on his travels and the colors ‘Delight’ and ‘Rosebowl’ from Glidden. I wrote a blog post about my studio inspiration if you want to see where this whole thing started.


Well, that’s this creative room. I have another room where my computer and sewing area are and a good sized room that is all storage,  but I’ll have to clean up some more before I let ANYONE see that! Because, trust me, this whole new space created a HUGE mess in other places. You know how that goes!


I hope you’ll hop around and visit some of the other Craft Room Tours as there is tons of inspiration to be had. Besides, it kind of makes me feel like I know my favorite bloggers a little bit better when I see where they work. Don’t you think?




  1. Abbey Wickwire says

    I’m impressed with your studio. Maybe when I clean mine up again (ha ha). How can you clean your room when all your creative juices come out when you are in there. I will, I promise. Like the curtain idea. Abbey, Orange, CA

    • says

      I totally understand what you are saying Abbey. I start cleaning and then come up with more projects to make from the stuff I’m picking up. It’s one of my favorite ways to get inspired! Sometimes I have to limit myself to cleaning 1 table or 1 shelf so then I can still have time to create. :)

  2. Sandi P says

    I think painting the ceiling a very bright white will go a ways towards helping your lighting problem. When I designed a back porch cover a few decades ago, I painted the underside the brightest white I could find. People told me that wouldn’t work, but it became a favorite hangout because it was so bright and cheerful. It should really bring out the lovely jewel tones of your sari’s and accessories. Love it!

    • says

      I’m with you Sandi. I think a bright white ceiling would really open the room up. I’m glad to hear it worked for your porch. Now I know I’m on the right track. :)

  3. Maureen Hayes says

    What a fun room! Would you consider doing a video tour so we could get a better look and get to hear you talk us through it? Thanks for sharing your special space with us :-)

  4. Debra NaDell says

    You are doing a beautiful job! I also love the bead area. Very clever, and I like the metal edge idea.

  5. says

    “Warren keeps saying I need a ceiling ” hahaha nah, ceiling are overraterd 😛 I love your beading space!! Do you have any posts with more info on how you set it up?? As my bead stash grows I either need to make more jewelry or get more storage!!!

  6. says

    Love it Vicki! It’s so awesome to see the place where all your creativity comes together! I love the curtains on your storage shelves… great idea and very glamorous! Happy creating sister!


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